• Found algorithm’s transmutation for Greek Pirelli ( CYTA – OnTelecoms etc ) routers.

  • Stock & Futures- Insurance

  • Moderator of SpasTo.Net a greek linux community for Backtrack Linux, breaking all CYTA routers (Greece & Cyprus).

Twillight (Cyprus) develop Cheetacrack and Speedycracker. Kaha, xhino (windows exe) and many other helped :

Then Greek-WPA app suddenly came up & down..
SPASTO Project was copyleft by me!

Security is close to penetration. Εverything that can be locked can also be unlocked cause that’s the scope in first place.

With AMD-Intel processor bug Meltdown & Spectre NoOne is secure / EveryOne could be exposed. AI is growing fast from IoT info.

We ‘ll explain ways to secure yourself, your company or just your website and clients.

Didn’t work with EUROBANK (email vulnerability) and HILTON (WEP encryption).